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Get the GOOF!
By: Michelle H. Pace and Enrique Ortiz
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 23, No. 3, October 2016

Assessing Basic Fact Fluency
By: Gina Kling and Jennifer M. Bay-Williams
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 20, No. 8, April 2014, pp. 488–497

Interviews as RtI Tools
By: Thomas E. Hodges, Terry D. Rose, and April D. Hicks
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2012.
Using the Japanese Lesson Study in Mathematics
By: Heidi Janzen
  • מאמר המעיד כי אין הבדל בין בנים ובנות בהישגים במתמטיקה (אנגלית)
Five "Key Strategies" for Effective Formative Assessment
By: Dylan Wiliam
From NCTM, 2007.
Assessing Students' Mathematical Problem Posing
By: Edward A. Silver & Jinfa Cai
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, October 2005.
On Tests, Small Changes Make a Big Difference
By: Linda Dager Wilson
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, October 2004.
Modifying our Questions to Assess Students' Thinking
By: Michaele F. Chappell & Denisse R. Thompson
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, April 1999.
Relationship Between Computational Performance and Number Sense Among Sixth and Eighth Grade Students in Taiwan
By: R. E. Reys, D. C. Yang
From: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, March 1998.
Improving Instruction Through Brief Interviews
By: Donald M. Peck, Stanley M. Jencks, & Michael L. Connell.
From: Arithmetic Teacher, November, 1989.
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