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Get the GOOF!
By: Michelle H. Pace and Enrique Ortiz
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 23, No. 3, October 2016

Building Squares and Discovering Patterns
Bט: David J. Whitin and Phyllis Whitin
From: Teaching Children Mathematics Vol. 21, No. 4, November 2014

Assessing the Scientific Concept of Number in Primary School Children
By: Peter Moxhay
From: ISCAR, 2008

Fluency Without Fear: Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts
By: Jo Boaler with the help of Cathy Williams, co-founder youcubed, & Amanda Confer, Stanford University
From: Youcubed, Stanford, 2014

Assessing Basic Fact Fluency
By: Gina Kling and Jennifer M. Bay-Williams
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 20, No. 8, April 2014, pp. 488–497

Interviews as RtI Tools
By: Thomas E. Hodges, Terry D. Rose, and April D. Hicks
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2012.
Early algebra to reach the range of learners.
By: Deborah Schifter, Susan Jo Russell & Virginia Bastable
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, November 2009.
Using Base-Ten Block Diagrams for Divisibility Tests
By: Marvin E. Harrell & Dawn R. Slavens
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, February 2009.
Longing for Division
By: Cornelis de Groot & Timothy Whalen
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, April 2006.
The Empty Number Line: A Useful Tool or just Another Procedure?
By: Janette Bobis
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, April 2007.
Why Children Have Difficulties Mastering the Basic Number Combinations and How to
Help Them
By: Arthur J. Baroody
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2006.
Connecting Instructional Practice to Students Thinking
By: Patricia F. Campbell
From: Teaching Children Mathematics ,October 1997.
Teaching for Mastery of Multiplication
By: Ann H. Wallace & Susan P. Gurganus
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2005.
An Alternative to Basic-Skills Remediation
By: Judith E. Hanks
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, April 1996.
Multiplication Games: How we made and used them
By: Constance Kamii & Catherine Anderson
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, November 2003
Facts and Algorithms as Products of Students' Own Mathematical Activity
By: Koeno Gravemeijer & Frans van Galen
From: A Research Companion to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, 2003.
Number Concepts and Special Needs Students: The Power of Ten-Frame Tiles
By: Christine S. Losq
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, February 2005.
Transition Points
By: Marion Lee Caldwell
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, December 2003.
Toward Computational Fluency in Multidigit Multiplication and Division
By: Karen C. Fuson
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, February 2003.
Parts, Wholes and Place Value: A Developmental View
By: Sharon H. Ross
From: Arithmetic Teacher, February 1989.
Estimation - Direction from the Standards
By: Rowan T.E., Reys B.J. & Reys R.E
From: Arithmetic Teacher, March 1990.
Teaching Arithmetic
From: About Teaching Mathematics, Second Edition, Part III, 2000.
A Modeling Approach for Enhancing Problem Solving in the Middle Grades
By: Beverly J. Ferrucci, Ban-har Yeap & Jack A. Carter
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, May 2003.
AREA MODELS - Spanning the Mathematics of grades 3-9.
By: James E. Schultz
From: Arithmetic Teacher, October 1991.
Students' Use of Symbols
By: Deborah A. Carey
From: Arithmetic Teacher, November 1992.
Misconceptions about Multiplication and Division
By: Anna O. Graeber
From: Arithmetic Teacher, March 1993.
Creative use of worksheets: Lessons my daughter taught me
By: Ann Anderson
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, October 1995.
Place Value as the Key to Teaching Decimal Operations
By: Judith Sowder
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, April 1997.
Strategies for Basic-Facts Instruction
By: Andrew C. Isaacs & William M. Carroll
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, May 1999.
Place Value and Addition and Subtraction
By: Diana Wearne & James Hiebert
From: Arithmetic Teacher, January 1994.
The Harmful Effects of Algorithms in Grades 1-4
By: Constance Kamii & Ann Dominick
From: The Teaching and Learning of Algorithms in School Mathematics.
Edited by Lorna J. Morrow. Reston VA. pp.130-140. (1998 Yearbook of the NCTM)
Early Number Instruction
By: Arthur J. Baroody & Alexis Benson
From:Teaching Children Mathematics, November 2001.
Calculators and Constructivism
By: G.H. Wheatley, D.H. Clements & M.T. Battista
From: Arithmetic Teacher, October 1990.
Mental Computation and Number Sense
By: Judith T. Sowder
From: Arithmetic Teacher, March 1990.
Number Sense and Nonsense
Edited by: J. Sowder and L. Sowder, San, Diego State University, U.S.A
Prepared by: Zvia Markovits, Rina Hershkowitz, & Maxim Bruckheimer, Weizmann Institute of
Science, Israel.
From: Arithmetic Teacher, February 1989
Improving Instruction Through Brief Interviews
By: Donald M. Peck, Stanley M. Jencks, & Michael L. Connell.
From: Arithmetic Teacher, November, 1989.
A Dependency on Technology and Algorithms or Lack of Number Sense?
By: Lynn M. Gordon Calvert
From: Teaching children mathematics, September 1999.
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