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Scaffolding norms of argumentation‑based inquiry in a primary mathematics classroom
By: Katie Makar, Arthur Bakker and Dani Ben-Zvi
From: ZDM Mathematics Education (2015) 47: 1107 - 1120

Early Algebraic Thinking: Epistemological, Semiotic, and Developmental Issues
By: Luis Radford
From: S.J. Cho (ed.), The Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education, 2015

Mathematics vis-à-vis Arithmetics
By: Hanna Savion and Michal Seri
From: International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, Vol. 15, No. 12, pp. 1-18, November 2016

Get the GOOF!
By: Michelle H. Pace and Enrique Ortiz
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 23, No. 3, October 2016

Middle School Students' Reasoning about Geometric Situations
By: William M. Carroll
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Vol. 3 No. 6, March-April 1998

Moving Math in the Write Direction
By: Shannon E. Bostiga, Michelle L. Cantin, Cristina V. Fontana, and Tutia M. Casa
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 22, No. 9, May 2016

The Language of Mathematics
By: Faye Bruun, Joan M. Diaz, and Valerie J. Dykes
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 21, No. 9, May 2015

Just Say Yes to Early Algebra!
By: Ana Stephens, Maria Blanton, Eric Knuth, Isil Isler, Angela Murphy Gardiner
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 22, No. 2, September 2015

Creating Math Talk Communities
By: Erin L. Wagganer
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 22, No. 4, November 2015

Models for special needs students
By: Diana L. Treahy and Susan P. Gurganus
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, April 2010

Using the Japanese Lesson Study in Mathematics
By: Heidi Janzen

A framework for analyzing the collaborative construction of arguments and its interplay with agency
By: Mary Mueller, Dina Yankelewitz & Carolyn Maher
From: Educational Studies in Mathematics (2012) 80: 369–387

Interviews as RtI Tools
By: Thomas E. Hodges, Terry D. Rose, and April D. Hicks
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2012.
Why Children Have Difficulties Mastering the Basic Number Combinations and How to
Help Them
By: Arthur J. Baroody
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2006.
Connecting Instructional Practice to Students Thinking
By: Patricia F. Campbell
From: Teaching Children Mathematics ,October 1997.
Differentiating the Curriculum for Elementary Gifted Mathematics Students
By: Michelle Muller Wilkins, Jesse L.M. Wilkins & Tamra Oliver
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2006.
How Many Days 'till My Birthday? Helping Kindergarten Students Understand Calendar Connections and Concepts
By: Mary Kathleen Barnes
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, February 2006.
One, Some or None: Finding Beauty in Ambiguity
By: Robert M. Berkman
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, March 2006.
Some Reflections on Problem Posing - A Conversation with Marion Walter
By: Juliet A. "Jill" Baxter
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, October 2005.
Assessing Students' Mathematical Problem Posing
By: Edward A. Silver & Jinfa Cai
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, October 2005.
An Alternative to Basic-Skills Remediation
By: Judith E. Hanks
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, April 1996.
Dividing Fractions: Reconciling Self-Generated Solutions with Algorithmic Answers
By: Marcela D. Perlwitz
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, February 2005.
From Students' Problem-Solving Strategis to Connections in Fractions
By: Alfinio Flores & Erika Klein
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, May 2005.
Math... Who Wants to Play?
By: Debbie Blalock & Tami Puchta
Facts and Algorithms as Products of Students' Own Mathematical Activity
By: Koeno Gravemeijer & Frans van Galen
From: A Research Companion to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, 2003.
Modifying our Questions to Assess Students' Thinking
By: Michaele F. Chappell & Denisse R. Thompson
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, April 1999.
Representation: An Important Process for Teaching and Learning
By: Francis (Skip) Fennell & Tom Rowan
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, January 2001.
Transition Points
By: Marion Lee Caldwell
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, December 2003.
Mathematics in the Preschool
By: Douglas H. Clements
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, January 2001.
Relationship Between Computational Performance and Number Sense Among Sixth and Eighth Grade Students in Taiwan
By: R. E. Reys & D. C. Yand
From: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, March 1998.
Learning From Learners
By: J. F Matos, J. van Dormolen, S. Groves & R. Zan
From: Proceedings, Vol 1, PME 26, 2002.
How Children Think about Division with Fractions
By: Mary Ann Warrington
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, May1997.
Stop Using Foul Language in the Mathematics Classroom
By: Cheryl A. Hanselman
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, October 1997.
One Point of View - Manipulatives are Good Mathematics!
By: Elizabeth Herbert
From: Arithmetic Teacher, February, 1985.
Concrete Materials and Teaching for Mathematical Understanding
By: Patrick W. Thompson
From: Arithmetic Teacher, May 1994.
Estimation - Direction from the Standards
By: Rowan T.E., Reys B.J. & Reys R.E
From: Arithmetic Teacher, March 1990.
Teaching Arithmetic
From: About Teaching Mathematics, Second Edition, Part III, 2000.
A Modeling Approach for Enhancing Problem Solving in the Middle Grades
By: Beverly J. Ferrucci, Ban-har Yeap & Jack A. Carter
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, May 2003.
AREA MODELS - Spanning the Mathematics of grades 3-9.
By: James E. Schultz
From: Arithmetic Teacher, October 1991.
Evaluating Instructional Materials
By: J. Bernhard, M. Mellissinos Lernhard & R. Miranda-Decke
From: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, November 1999.
Reform Mathematics vs. The Basics
By: John A. Van de Walle
From: Presentation for the 77th Annual Meeting of NCTM, April, 1999.
Mathematical Tasks as a Framework for Reflection: From Research to Practice
By: Mary Key Stein and Margaret Schwan Smith
From: Mathematics Teaching In the Middle School, January 1998.
Selecting and Creating Mathematical Tasks: From Research to Practice
By: Margaret Schwan Smith and Mary Key Stein
From: Mathematics Teaching In the Middle School, February 1998.
Translating Principles into Practive
By: Deborah E. Schifter & Deborah Carey O'brien
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, December 1997.
Calculators and Constructivism
By: G.H. Wheatley, D.H. Clements & M.T. Battista
From: Arithmetic Teacher, October 1990.
Lessons from the TIMSS Videotape Study
By: Eugene A. Geist
From: Teaching Children Mathematics, November 2000.
Improving Instruction Through Brief Interviews
By: Donald M. Peck, Stanley M. Jencks, & Michael L. Connell.
From: Arithmetic Teacher, November, 1989.
Learning Mathematical Language in the Zone of Proximal Development
By: Diana F. Steele
Teaching children mathematics, September 1999.
Discourse that Promotes Conceptual Understanding
By: Elham Kazemi
From: Teaching Children Mathe
matics, March 1998.
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